Our History

Our history begins in 1989 when we first established our first banana plantation in the area of Tacotalpa, Tabasco in the southeast of Mexico.

By 1992 we had grown to become the biggest exporter and distributor of Mexican bananas with a strong presence in the United States.

During that year we successfully ventured into the production of other tropical products such as pineapples and papaya.

Our company has grown and diversified its production not only in different states in the southeast of Mexico, but also in Nigeria, where we have quickly become the leading banana, pineapple and greenhouse producer in only two years.

Today, San Carlos is the leading Mexican and Nigerian producer and exporter of bananas, having successfully placed our products with the most demanding clients in Europe, Russia, Mediterranean and the Middle East.


To promote the development of agriculture throughout the world by performing as a competitive international company. Using the natural and technological advantages of our locations, we put our products in the international market place. The advantages given are meant to enrich the quality and provide the best fruits.


To develop products that create sustainable change and income for our communities while providing our clients with the outmost quality in every product our fields produce. To accomplish that goal, it is important to innovate our technology to assure that our product will be competitive in the industry in terms of quality and price.

Our Team

Our experts in the fruit industry help us build competitive advantage through determination, creativity, commitment and local insights.

We are constantly investing and rewarding them competitively to ensure that they respond very well to the new dynamics of the industry and, in the same time, remain satisfied.

The strong communication system with every employee helps us successfully overcome the many challenging issues which may appear due to the size, complexity and international presence of SanCarlos Company.

We strongly consider this type of communication and relationship as an opportunity rather than a problem, helping us make better decisions and build stronger relations with our workforce.

In SanCarlos we’ve made it a priority to develop more open, constructive relationships with our team and focus on shared goals.


Following our strong commitment to continuously improve and meet the highest standards our clients deserve. Our company has worked hard and will continue to do so in order to lead the way by not only following, but creating the best agricultural practices. This will guarantee not only the best quality products for our clients and full traceability, but also the best working conditions for our employees.

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